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Jul 7, 2016
i haven't tried that specific module, but i've bought from that seller before. the ram they sell is of complete unknown origin. they use to list it as "major brand, micron, samsung, hynix, etc." but what you got was completely unbranded, even the JEDEC manufacture id was blank. when I asked the seller about it, and why I didn't get a micron, samsung, hynix or some other major brand, they just offered a discount and said they sent the wrong one. it seemed a bit shady at the time, but the ram worked flawlessly (and still is in my ThinkPad), so I took the discount. looks like they don't claim "major brand" anymore...

anyway, I think the ram they sell works fine, at least in my experience, but what they are selling seems a bit shady. if their price is significantly discounted, and you're comfortable with unknown origins as long as it works, it might be worth the savings. (I was okay with it for a laptop) if the price isn't significantly discounted, I would get something more reputable given the same cost or even a little more.
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