Eaton managed PDU (208V) $120 NIB


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Feb 3, 2021
Just a note: this three-phase PDU is metered but not "managed" like the single-phase one which the post was started about. I don't know which features are omitted on "metered" PDUs - possibly it's not switched? And possibly it's not metered-by-outlet? Eaton's website is unfortunately difficult to find details on...

I waited a while on the fence to buy these and ended up paying a lot more than OP as a result. Oops.
I found this brochure which lists all models and their feature set:

The 106-10 are all sold out now...


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Feb 28, 2017
From reading a lot of the marketing wank for these things, here's what all the adjectives seem to mean:

  1. Metered
    It has a current sensor somewhere. Maybe for each outlet, maybe for the entire PDU.
  2. Individually metered
    Each outlet has current monitoring of some sort. The resolution of the current monitoring is variable. I have a metered PDU thatjust has overall current monitoring, and with a 0.5 amp resolution (e.g. crap)
  3. Switched
    It has switches.I've not seen a PDU which bills itself as switched which doesn't have individual relays per outlet, but I'd try to check the documentation says each outlet can be switched.
  4. Monitored
    No ****ing idea. AFICT, all you need to claim a PDU is monitored is that it has a network interface, and can detect the presence of power.