E5-2699V4 Compatibility


Jan 24, 2018
I can officially confirm Gigabyte MD70-HB1 with R07 BIOS is working with 2x 2699V4's.

Was about to purchase a new board as it has known compatibility. However, thanks to Intel and their recent issue that has generally made manufacturers rush for new BIOS patches.

Will Test with:
Gigabyte MW50-SVo
Gigabyte G250-G62 (System)
Gigabyte G280-G20 (System)

Other Known Compatible Boards/Systems
Servers & Workstations:

  • Dell: PowerEdge R730/xd, T630; Precision T7910, R7910
  • HP: ProLiant Servers Gen 9; Z840 Workstation
  • Lenovo: ThinkServer x3650 M5, NeXtScale System M5; ThinkStation P910
  • Cisco: UCS C220 M4, C240 M4
  • Supermicro: X10D series (with no 160W TDP limit)
  • Tyan: S562 series, S707 series, S708 series
  • Asus: Z10 series, X99 series, Rampage V Extreme, Sabertooth X99, ROG Strix X99 Gaming, ROG Rampage V Edition 10
  • ASRock: FH-C612NM, OCP-C612HM, EPC612 series, EP2C612 series, X99 series
  • Gigabyte: MU70, MW50/70 series, MD30/50/60/70/80 series, GA-X99 series
  • MSI: MS-S1311, MS-S1561, X99 series
  • EVGA: X99 family

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