E-mail Confirmation Button Missing?

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Dec 21, 2010
I am just making this sticky thread since once or twice a week we get folks who e-mail asking why they cannot register. Each time it is due to there being no confirmation button in the e-mail. Of the last 50 cases going back to mid-2020, every time it has been due to an improperly configured adblocker.

At STH, I have been pushing to even get the crazy fill networks off of the site. We do not allow auto-play videos, huge numbers of ads, and large screen area dedicated to banners. I have also told the external marketing firm that sells and manages our ad inventory I prefer to only see ads related to STH content. The end goal is to have STH be something I am OK with without adblocking.

I am going to make this a sticky.


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Jan 6, 2016
Yep, I have no issues at all with the ads on STH. It’s a good balance for sure.


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Sep 13, 2022
Exactly gents. Nothing to do with incorrectly configured adblockers.

It's white on white, therefore invisible. You've got to get lucky with the cursor to confirm registration.


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I just came here to say I couldn't register (with a work related account), and this is EXACTLY what the problem was (the register button wasnt visible). Just change the text color, or background on the register text, and this problem will stop.

I can also show you screenshot, or even video proof.

Garth Shader

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Feb 16, 2024
I couldn't register either -- my problem was that the system thought I "resembled spam behavior" and that I would need to contact an admin. Tried to write a note to said admin, but it must have went to an un-monitored account because i never got an email or anything.. I tried a few times.. That account is still in a limbo state. Waited weeks for a response, finally registered with gmail account.. That obviously worked..

My email server is setup via AWS, and the static ip has a perfect reputation. It also has the domain set, as well as the reverse ip domain set as well, and it even has the same for IPv6. Use DMarc, SPF, etc.. It is a well configured server.

I think your system just blocks all of AWS IP addresses, which is a little heavy handed.

I thought now that I'm registered, I can switch to my server.. But I am not sure if the system will lock me out again... So I did not risk it..