Dual Intel Xeon E5-2690 V2 Workstation

Discussion in 'Processors and Motherboards' started by fedora, Dec 13, 2018.

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    Hi good folks,

    This is my first post so be kind :) Im posting here since i cant find much information about the e5-2690 v2 and if people are using it for workstation use. There is a guy selling this setup for 950 USD or 825 EUR so i wonder if its a good deal?

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-7PESH2 <--- Used a couple of months
    RAM: 8 x 8GB (64GB) Samsung DDR3 1333MHz ECC <--- Used
    CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 <--- Used
    Cooling: 2 x Noctua NH-U14S <--- Brand new
    Chassi: Phantek Enthoo Pro <--- Brand new
    PSU: Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750W Gold <--- Brand new

    I will use this machine as a powerful workstation/server:
    -Fedora 29 as main OS where i use normal desktop applications like webbrowser, watching videos, email client, compiling code, deploying machines with Ansible, video editing of family videos, lots and lots of terminals and many other normal desktop/workstation stuff.
    - Run 5-10 virtual linux machines simultaneously under KVM as a Cyber security lab where a lot of brute forcing and other stuff is going on but not all the time.
    - 1 vm with Pfsense
    - 1 vm with 4 cores running Windows for Gaming with gpu pass through

    I want to be able to do many of these things more or less simultaneously. Is this cpu powerful enough and suitable for my use? How good is the single and mulit core performance?

    The same guy can deliver the machine with e5-2660 v2 instead if i want for 800 USD or 700 EUR. It his maybe a better deal? I think that e5-2690 v2 is much more powerful and has better single and multi core performance for my needs.

    Please give me some advice in this matter.

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    Welcome to the STH forums @fedora!

    IntelĀ® Product Specification Comparison

    I've laid the 2 processors out side-by-side. The biggest difference for a e5-2690 v2 is the base clockspeed is 3GHz, vs 2.2GHz on the e5-2660 v2. You pay for this with an extra 35W of TDP per CPU. You also have a higher thermal limit with the e5-2690 v2, which may or may not matter to you.

    As both chips have the same core counts, they'll both do the same work, but all things being equal, the e5-2690 v2 should complete tasks faster due to the increased base clock speed, as well as the higher turbo clocks.

    GPU passthrough might be tricky on an older platform, depending on what GPU you're planning on using.

    Hope this helps!
  3. fedora

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    Dec 13, 2018
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    Thanks! What do you guys think about the price and will the dual cpu's be able to handle the things i will do?
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