Dual expander + dual HBA

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    Hello and sorry guys , not sure if I am posting in the correct category. Anyway.....
    I have recently built a freenas system for the company I worked for, and the specs can be found below.
    But I have no previous experiences with dual and expander and dual hba, can someone please help me with how to correctly attach HBA 1 and HBA2 to the expander A & B? I am hoping to achieve fail over ,if it’s possible.
    The manual says I should cross connect the cables from HBA to expander but somehow freenas show 4way multipath.
    Then I have tried
    HBA1 port 1&2 to expander 1 port 1 &2
    HBA2 port 1&2 too expander 2 port 1&2
    Which gives me 2way multipath.
    This is correct ?
    Please help . Also do I need more rams

    CPU: E5-2630L v4 x2
    RAM: 64G
    chasis : supermicro 216BE2C-R920LPB 12Gbps dual-expander backplane
    HBA: IBM M1215 flashed to IT mode x 2
    SSD : Micron S630DC x 12 960GB
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