Dual E5-2670 build in the smallest case NZXT S340


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Dec 7, 2016
Just built a small one myself around a Natex Intel S2600CP, dual E5-2670, 64 GB RAM package. The case is a Corsair Carbide 400C I picked up for $40 as an open box at my local Microcenter. I had to use some "ingenuity" to get the motherboard installed in the case since only 3 hole matched. But it's a nice looking compact case with a full window and good airflow. I'm currently waiting for my USB 3.0 PCI-e x1 card to arrive and am using a USB sound "card" for the time being. The setup is 100% stable, but noisy since the UpdateFRUSDR script hangs and I cannot profile the fan speed.

Used my trusty old Supermicro 665W server PSU I've used for X79 and X99 builds. The PCI-e x16 slot works fine with my mini EVGA GTX 1060 GPU and I can upgrade to a mini GTX 1070. It scores well with 3DMark11 so there is no issue with the slot. I'm using a pair of cheap Cooler Master Hyper 212s for cooling which keeps the CPUs at 55C under 100% load. Here's a lousy photo of the setup installed in the case followed by a naked photo of the case.

After selling the motherboard, CPUs and RAM on ebay back in late February, I played with multiple Ryzen 7 and 5 combos but either returned or sold them, and have now just pretty much rebuilt this setup. Went even cheaper this time with an Intel s2600CPJ, a pair of 6C/12T E5-2640s, and 32GB (8 x 4GB) Samsung DDR3-1333 Reg/ECC. Looks the same except for the video card - I sold all my GTX 1060s and my 1070 to miners for a good profit so I have an MSI GT 730 2GB GDDR5 in there and even ran some benches with a Zotac GTX Mini 1080 in it. Still only 3 screwed in standoffs with plastic standoffs in the other holes and some twist ties holding them down. Works great, runs quiet and cool. I used a pair of Noctua NA-RC7 Low Noise Adapter (LNA) cables to slow down the fans while keeping the temps under 65C under constant 100% load.

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Aug 20, 2017
Unfortunately not straightforward. I have researched on this and successfully made a modded BIOS with the mvne ffs driver using AMI bios editor. However I got stuck at the step where the motherboard rejects the modded BIOS due to security / signature issue. I found some tutorial to use AMI's bios flashing tool to force a flash however sometimes it can results in an incomplete flash due to protected regions not unlocked so I backed off for now.

Maybe when I can actually get my hands on a NVME drive I will be itching to try again.
I wanted to ask if you finally tested the NVMe SSD disk for booting on the Intel S2600cp motherboard?
I have 2 years of motherboard with a SATA SSD and I would like to go to the PCI-e SSD NVMe. Possible? Thank you very much for your answer.