Dropped EMC KTN-STL3 array


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Sep 7, 2018
Not quite London
I bought a used EMC STL3 array last weekend, the array was sent by the seller via UPS and well, it arrived bruised. It's been dropped at some point and the packaging didn't save it (it looks like the top foam was missed so it slid out and bashed against the inside of the box).

The case is deformed and the SAS cards are sitting proud by about 5-6mm while still screwed in. The power supplies still work and still power the chassis + drives, but the SAS cards don't light up at all.

I suspect if I bashed the case back into shape the SAS cards would fit better into the backplane and if the backplane isn't damaged the whole system might work. However I am not going to take a hammer to the SAS array until the seller decides what they want to do and they've raised an issue with UPS.

I'm not really asking for anything here, more sharing my woe. Although I'd be curious as to your thoughts and comments as well.