DIY Voltaire 4036+e web2cmd interface.


May 22, 2019
Hey folks,

*I could be way off even my own topic here too as my personal experience with this model and even the fact it's not even delivered yet is a troubling issue to my factual experience on the matter, nice disclaimer eh.. (he says)

The Voltaire 4036 switch even for its age is a very intuitive, powerful and a well branded product in it's own right. Allot of hardcore data centers, HPC arrays, over the years have seen them come and go, but homelab users are not always so keen while other large companies like DELL, HP, IBM I'm sure have rebranded Mellanox equipment but with a few tweaks totally made it an own product that even they can stand by, support and feed business consumers needs while making a profit. Which is totally fine, happens all the time day and night, will never stop.

But with the above said and as far as I know the Voltaire 4036 model and others can be quite intimidating and the main reason being is the CLI (command line interface) in order to administer rather then a swanky web based GUI from one of the rebranded or other types of models from other manufacturers.

What I'm trying to explain here while waffling is the fact that if I am correct within my total understanding of the model I've purchased is that creating a basic web based interface would not be too demanding a task, infact I'm sure even a python based cmd2web (open source?) Product exists where by most if not all of the framework is present and it's more of a case of knowing the commands, options and such while from where and to where they should be going, along with building the GUI eye candy is all that's needed, many possibilities exist.

As this is a managed switch, very in-depth, well written about within the manuals provided online, I'm sure one could be designed to anyone's liking and even further down the line an 'model panel' of where you'd be able to select the model in question to encompass not just the 4036.

While this project has not started, could take me a couple of months as I'm fairly busy daily I hope it might bring some interest to others, I'm personally interested just to get the notion working regardless as a personal project even if others exist to further my experience.
Anyone would be welcome to join in and not just for this model, any other that you have, that said, could be done to via the same means.

Might be helpful to others too, it's technologically possible! :)

Kind regards, always a pleasure reading others topics and posts as this is a rather nice community :D
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