Disable FC-82EN BIOS POST???


Feb 27, 2018
Los Angeles
Hi Guys,

Is there anyway to make my ATTO FC-82EN HBA work like a normal PCIe card? (aka no pre-boot?)

We have a hack-n-tosh, and our SAN server runs over Fiber Channel.

Atto cards have been great with MACs and Windows machines, and I'm sure they Don't support hack-n-tosh with Clover installed, however the client system works with our SAN... until you reboot it.

During client system POST, ATTOs HBA posts a sort of pre-boot check and then initializes the fiber optic cable which then allows our SAN server drive into the client system. The Clove or Clover software, whatever it's called, gets confused and thinks the SAN drive is it's internal system drive, so it boots with a cancellation logo (no OS).

BUT... if I unplug the fiber optical cable, the client machine will boot just fine into the MAC High Sierra OSx. Then I plug the Fiber Optical Cable into the system and our SAN server drive also appears just fine. But if we reboot the client machine, it will not boot.

So really, it's fixable, if I could just change the order of the ATTO HBA BIOS, or disable it's POST process altogether. I just want it to work like an Ethernet card or other normal PCIe card, until after the OSX is loaded.