Did anyone ever manage to disable the 512e function on HGST HUSMM1600 series SAS3 drives?


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I recall most were able to format these drives to 4K physical sector size, just as we did too, but the logical sector size was always 512 as it was hardcoded into the firmware, ie perpetual emulation-mode.

Did anyone ever figure out a workaround or possibly even a firmware with said-emulation removed?

Optimizing one of my pools so right now is a good time to make any additional low-level changes.


int 21h
Niagara tool. Also had some HP branded HGST SED drives which I changed to 12G. Honestly the amount of rubbish HP do to their rebranded products just to make life difficult for everyone wanting to use their gear outside of their 'universe' makes me wonder how they even survive, I'd say they're worse than Dell! Obviously the counter-argument is that everything works great if you're living in the HP universe, and that's what it all comes down to these days, buy into a universe and trap all the mugs with hyped prices and crap firmware. The fact their raid controllers still to this day do not support 4K logical is beyond me, I guess it's another way to make sure SSDs get worn quicker with the 512e logical ontop of 4k physical, then to top it off they have the audacity to slow down your memory in recent servers if you populate more than 1DPC if both dimms are not HP rebrands... smart moves commercially nonetheless but as a company they lack integrity when they do such moves and I make it a mission to always put off my clients go their direction. Not a HP hater, their tech is actually quite good, just their principles.

Anyway, Niagara is a WD/HGST tool, if you search these forums you should find a download link to it, it is fairly self-explanatory to use as far as techies are concerned.


Apr 22, 2013
@Dreece, ex hpe here. I agree with you, hp puts the Proprietary in industry standard. I will leave it at that, as going into the full disillusionment would likely get me in hot water.


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Jun 25, 2017
Niagara tool. Also had some HP branded HGST SED drives which I changed to 12G.
How did you go about changing the speed?

The page in the image that is with the install files is not shown when I look at one of my drives.

EDIT: I have found the setting now, but setting the max to 11 does not change the negotiated speed from 10 :-(
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