Deploying an app for every user

Amar bl

New Member
Feb 21, 2018

I have a small blogging script that i'd like to deploy for every user on request, after few weeks of research I couldn't find the best approach to deploy this script to a new instance for every user that is requesting the script.

Every client should have it's own cloud/container instance for his script, and this process must be fully automated. Basically, i'll have an image with ubuntu + nginx + php + MySQL that will be deployed to the cloud, then a script will be run on the fresh instance in order to fetch and setup the script.

Till now i only see 2 scenarios:

Use a virtualization environment like proxmox to create a KVM container based on the preconfigured image.
Install & configure OpenStack then deploy the image with docker.
I know OpenStack should be the obvious choice but it requires too much time to be deployed correctly and securely... so I'd like to know if there is a better, faster method to deploy my image.

Thank you