Dell T130 alternative power Supply


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Mar 7, 2017
I posted the post below in a different post that has been open for awhile and show a resolution so I thought I should create a new post. The old post is at:

need to power additional disks on Dell T130

Here is what I posted in there:

I need to do away with Dell PERC9 H330 Raid Controller in my T130 simply because Dell has an unpublished rule of 'their drives or no support' Their drives were not available when I bought the server and $250 in total more than WD Gold Datacenter drives I always use. I ordered their drives but the shipping date got pushed 3 times and the last time was 2 more weeks so I gave up. I was told when I bought the server that if the drives were not obtainable that the 'big drive makers' enterprise class could be used. So here I am a couple of months later and I have some issues with drive subsystem and they are refusing to do all of the required industry standard diagnostics. They did some but put the brakes on and called it a day.

I searched all over the internet including their site and I have not found anything that states their drives only. The only thing that says anything about raid drives states enterprise drives must be used. If someone knows where this documentation is that states 'their drives only' I would appreciate a message or a post telling me where I can find it.

There is an act that was passed in congress in 1975 to protect consumers from these situations. It's called the Magnuson-Moss Act. There is plenty of information out on the Internet about it and the rules it puts in place that protect the consumer. Of course there are always exceptions to acts passed by congress mostly at the state level but it is there for us.

So here I am and I have two alternatives, buy 4 4tb drives from Dell which cost over $1000 and then I would need to find a home for the $800 set of 4 tb drives I have now which are the same enterprise drives Dell sells or I can try and figure how I can change the power supply and use a different Raid card. I already found a raid card which supports all models of the enterprise drives I have and the card is not expensive. It is an entry level raid card just like the Dell PERC9 H330 and it's all I need. The power supply and Sata data and power cables are an issue though and they maybe an issue that can't be overcome which would leave me with $2200 Xeon PC.

There are only two cables coming out of the current power supply and they go to the motherboard so there is nothing to split leaving no way to power the Sata drives.

If the post was solved I would really appreciate finding out how.
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