Dell R210 II - Feedback and questions


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Jul 16, 2014
Quiet is relative. It's got 4x40mm fans. It's probably quieter than a lot of other 1U servers, but that's like saying a truck is quiet compared to a jet engine. You wouldn't want either in your spare room.


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Jan 11, 2014
I would imagine it would be rather quiet.

I have a R310 and that thing is very quiet.

Tho I will point out mine is single PSU version

R310 with 8gb ram and i3-530 = really damn quiet
R310 with 8gb ram and x3450 = little bit louder
R310 with 8gb ram and x3450 and Dell Sas HBA same as above
R310 with 8gb ram and i3-530 and Dell Sas HBA and 10gb fibre card = little bit louder again

Remove all 4 HDD's and system gets better cooler airflow direct to components.... (Eg boot from lan) the components stay cooler.... So fans tend to ramp up and down less. But having 4 HDD's blocking the front also quietens the box down a little as they tend to form a sound barrier / sound sink etc

So along with HP proliant servers, they tend to ramp up fans a little when unknown items are inserted in PCI-E slots and or higher power CPU's are installed.

Your mileage will vary, but still even with all loud making items installed above the system is what I would call very quiet for a 1RU server