Dell PowerEdge C4130 - Is it possible to adapt msata 1.8" to sata 2.5"?


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Apr 16, 2020
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I have a Dell PowerEdge C4130 GPU server I'm in the middle of provisioning for a GPGPU project. I have the new 2600 v3 chips installed and memory upgraded to quad channel 64GB

The chassis has minimal room for hard drives since the 4 front mount Tesla K80 GPUs take up a lot of room. The oem 1.8" SSD drives are still very expensive, so I need to adapt to something else if at all possible. Preferably adapt to a cheap 2.5" SSD.

As a consequence of limited space, Dell went with msata 1.8" SSD drives for this machine (mounted near the back of the case, see pics below). You can also take a power supply out and install two 2.5" hard drives/SSDs there, but it requires a kit and I will lose power supply redundancy if I go that route. The server is not mission critical but I'd like to keep both 1600W PSUS going because it will to be pushed pretty hard and I want good power delivery.

What looks like the sas port? on the left, and that small PCIe slot in center is what the 1.8" SSD cage drops into.

MSATA ports in the cage itself:

Bottom part of the cage that connects to the motherboard.

1.8" Cage positioning within the case.

Back side of server with SSD area to the left, above ethernet ports.

Question is, is there any way I can adapt this 1.8" m/u sata cage to accept 2.5" SSD drives? Most of the adapters I can find online are close, OR go the other direction.

I also see what looks like a SAS porn next to the 1.8" SSD cage. Is it possible to use this in some capacity to bypass the 1.8" msata restriction? Then again that port might be for something else entirely?

This server is going to be used for GPGPU purposes in a cluster with three other servers and a network attached storage device running on a gigabit network: Two HP ProLiant DL360p servers and a Dell PowerEdge R620 was well as a 6TB raid 10 NAS (HP Microserver Gen10). The final product should look like this:


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Aug 2, 2021
I've the same issue ...

did you find a solution ?

In the 1.8" Cage there is enought space for an ssd 2.5 (using an adapter uSATA -> SATA)?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!