Dell Poweredge BMC BIOS


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Feb 3, 2016
San Antonio, TX
In my quest to tame the C6100 noise, I stumbled on the following resource. Thought it might be a good reference.

It didn't work on C6100 but does seem to work on Dell PE2950 and some other servers in updating the thresholds in the BIOS file.

The article says the fan speed threshold should be multiples of 75 but I noticed C6100 was using multiples of 150. ex: 900, 1050 etc when I changed it via IPMI. The only problem, I wasn't able to make the settings it persistent across powercycle

How to adjust the fan thresholds of a Dell PowerEdge | tüfteln

The Python script is on Github
GitHub - arnuschky/dell-bmc-firmware: Tools for extracting and modifying the firmware of the BMC of Dell PowerEdge servers
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