Dell / Micron P320h Firmware, Drivers for ESXi, Windows?


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Jan 4, 2016
I have some Dell Express Flash PCIe SSDs, specifically the Micron P320h, and wanted to know if anyone has a re-host of the support package listed on their site.

The link below...
Software and Drivers

...lists two support packs. Presumably these contain firmware and drivers.

P320h Support Pack 134.05.04 - 4.12.2013
P320h Support Pack 131.02.04 - 11.16.2012

Both show a lock symbol requiring you to submit a request to access the 'document'. I did submit one, however, I've no idea if it will be honored or not.

I understand that these were only last supported on ESXi 5.5, however they do seem to load up fine in 6.5 and 6.7, presumably with whatever latest driver is still baked in. Dell does have some drivers but I'm not remembering right now if they had any new ones for ESX, I'll have to check as I wasn't super concerned with that since they loaded up with no issue in ESXi.

The only platform they weren't immediately detected on (at least in device manager) was Server 2019. As aforementioned though I did find some usable drivers on Dell's site and firmware packages.

I just always like to know that I have the latest stuff available whenever possible as Dell lists separate downloads and packages with some hardware compatibility overlap so there can be some confusion in determining where stuff really lies in the history of revisions.

ALSO! Looking for RealSSD Manager if anyone has that! Seems like it may be one of the only ways to manage these drives outside of conventional means. A DL for the GUI for Windows and a DL for the vSphere module/package would be fantastic.

Not super worried if nothing pans out but I like to cross t's and dots i's.