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Dedicated Crypto Mining Open Compute server build.

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency Mining and Markets' started by Klee, May 23, 2017.

  1. Marsh

    Marsh Moderator

    May 12, 2013
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    Welcome to the asylum ...

    I also mine xmr with 3 x 1U Intel dual E5-2450L server.
    After some tweaking , disable unused core to save power.
    Running Ubuntu 16.04 with xmr-stak-cpu miner

    Here is my stat

    bb4a , CPU dual E5-2450L v1 , L3 Cache 20M , 2 x 10 Threads , 5 active cores
    CPU 638 H/s , 125w , 5.1 H/s per watt
  2. Klee

    Klee Active Member

    Jun 2, 2016
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    Each server has 4 cpu's, two cpu's in each node and I have two open compute servers so I am running 8 Ee5-2660 cpu's.
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