Current CPU/Mobo Deals

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Feb 14, 2016
I handle IT for a small office that has a couple of old Dell servers with Xeon E3-1225 quad core processors that are about 10 years old. I installed them myself and they both still work perfectly but at ~10 years, it’s time to replace them. Most of what they do is in the cloud now but for various reasons they still need on-site network storage, Active Directory, VPN and a few other things. I build all of their workstations myself and would like to do the same with these servers.

I’d like to pick up a couple of the zillion decommissioned Xeon processors that are on eBay and put them in new Supermicro MoBos But I have not really kept up with the server processor and motherboard market in at least 5 years so I don’t really know where the good deals are. I also want to avoid a processor without available motherboards. Any tips?

Their needs are pretty basic but I’d like these servers hopefully to also last 10 years. I’m aiming for 12ish Xeon cores, 64gb ECC DDR4 (with room), 10gb NICs, nvme storage. They will run eSXI, windows server 2019 plus a few other VMs.

Thanks for any advice.

edit: forgot to mention, they need to be quiet so Im looking for towers vs rack mounted.
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