CSE-743TQ-903B-SQ and SAS3 backplane CSE-SAS-743TQ (SAS3 or SAS2?)


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Jan 8, 2018

If you dont mind getting the shipping arranged, you might want to look here.

Supermicro server SuperChassis CSE-743 4C E5-2609v2 Server case joblot x 7 | eBay

I have too many of these already.

Have Fun.

I would have bitten that offer if it wasn't for the shipping+customs fees. Politicians as usual screw up the game for everyone else (then again politicians come out of the society that elects them, so that says something about the rest of us).

I have migrated the HW into the new 743AC-1200B-SQ sitting on the table! Superb quality, then again you pay it dearly.

  • The fans are quiet, they are hot swappable and can take regular 80mm fans inside the empty cases, but the clips to hold the connector for the 'swap in/out' functionality are NOT provided with the chassis, you have to build the whole fan assembly (found some cheapo units from China, heh).
  • The PSU is modular, you can remove the cables you are not using.
  • The 2nd gen drive caddys DO NOT support 15mm SAS SSDs! They are tool-less for slim SAS/SATA 7.5mm SSDs... but not for the HGST stuff we love here. Bummer.

I have new questions, if you don't mind me asking:
  1. For the caddys (Supermicro (Gen 2) 3.5" to 2.5" Converter Drive Tray (MCP-220-00080-0B)), what can I use to mount SAS3 SSDs that are 15mm in height?
  2. Is there a way to mount two slim SATA SSDs INSIDE the chassis? for OS boot drive.
  3. Would you recommend the M28SACB-OEM 2x5.25 backplane+drive bay? (nevermind, you mentioned it does NOT fit, I am checking also with the distributor just in case)