Could use assistance with implementing VDI

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Mar 13, 2022
Hello all. My office has 3-4 users and I've built a server with Server 2022 running on Supermicro x93DRi-LNF4+ MB (2x Xeon 2690v2 / 128GB 1866 ) I'm a digital forensic examiner but was interesting in learning more about servers so we decided to build one and attempt to use it for remote desktop services. Right now each user has a pc with AD / Office 365 sharing files via Sharepoint. I would prefer to instead have the server store our data on prem in RAID5 and have the staff each have a virtual desktop they can connect to from any computer from anywhere. Furthermore I would like each users virtual desktop to be different from each other since some have different privileges as well as software needs. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!