Containers with macvlan network AND bridge

Discussion in 'Docker and Containers' started by iceisfun, Oct 19, 2019.

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    I have a number of vlans and want to spin up containers that provide vlan specific services, this works awesome and is super easy with Docker.

    Now I want to also drop that container on the bridge 172.17/16 network and pull data with telegraf, this works with an error when I try to add the bridge, the containers default gateway is still the macvlan network however when I restart the container with the invalid network configuration it will not start until I remove the bridge, start the container then reattach the bridge.

    So I tried adding a different bridge network that overlaps the 172.17/16 space without a gateway and that does not work

    I can work this out so each container has only one network or remove gateways from other networks?

    How are other people setting stuff like this up?
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