Complete Rack ReVamp including Storage Pool and protocols - Suggestions welcome.

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May 15, 2019
Here goes nothing......

It's Home Internet Sharing with a Large Plex Library. Nothing mission critical (yet).

Up to this point, I have been centrally managing all of my storage (3 boxes) in the form of SAS DAS, from a single box (for simplicity/laziness) and it has served me well. The box in question heads not only all of the external storage, but all of the Network Services (Virtual Environments) as well. I have come to a point where I would like to ADD SERVICE REDUNDANCY. My initial thought was to run something like a Dell Compellent Storage Controller type of setup (although Home Brew) for the storage management exclusively, then host a cluster of small systems for service redundancy. This seems pointless.

What I am working with:
22U Rack, Complete TP-Link OMADA setup, TP-Link 8port SFP+ managed switch as the backbone, cascading into a (dumb) Netgear MS510TX Multi-Gig (used in it's most obvious functionality - speed separation) and assorted Server/Storage Hardware, along with further switching capabilities if needed.

What I am not concerned with:
Network/Switching Redundancy/Routes, Storage Pool Redundancy, Client Speeds over 2.5Gbit leaving the Rack (the 10Gbit backbone is for Rack communications only, although as Admin, I will have a 10Gbit management link exclusively).

What I would like to accomplish:
- Convert all external storage from SAS DAS to ISCSI (they are all servers with dormant hardware currently, only using connection to backplanes).
- Cluster of 3 Identical (low power/small) Rigs for Service Virtualization and Storage Connection Redundancy.
- SMB MultiChannel for old Storage Boxes (although not as important, 10Gbit Nics are cheap).
- World Peace.

My brain tells me that I am going in the wrong direction. Is my brain stuck in the 90's ?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if you are able to make sense out of what I have going on.

thanks in advance,

ps. Although to complicate things more, I did come across this, but am also hoping that someone will talk me out of it:
LSI SAS6160 16 Port 6Gb SAS SATA Switch
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