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Feb 18, 2013
so for the past years I lived with my partner in her house, I have 2 large servers in her basement the issue is after 14 years she wants me gone so I am going to be moving to an apartment, I still want to have servers so I need to replace the old servers both are 4u

I have talked to a few hosting companies kn the Seattle are, I am wondering what to get server wise preferably 1 u I host some applications for clients on the servers mostly hyperv. I also have my DC which I need to move to hyperv any thoughts on a1u server, would like to use nvme, can go to 2u Server would run Windows 2012 with hyperv role added.




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Feb 15, 2015
Damn! That sucks, talk about a shift in life. You'll pull thorugh I'm sure.

Intel has some nice 1U with 2.5" NVME and somce really nice 2U with NVME as well as more 2.5" capacity for other drives.

1U and 2U are likely going to be much louder than 4U for an apartment though, or are you Co-Lo now?


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Aug 30, 2013
My advice:

1 dual processor tower server + 4 drive ssd array + 4x high-TB spinners = perfect apartment server.

The tower case will allow you to use big fans and big heatsinks, which means quiet airflow. A single server will keep power usage low. SSD drive array will keep VM's fast. The high capacity spinners in raid10 (or zfs mirrors if AIO is your thing) will allow for bulk data storage and backups of the ssd array.

Building it yourself will let you pick all the heatsinks, fans, etc to keep things quiet. If you don't need super-current processor speeds then go with the older xeon 5600 series. eBay will be your friend. That'll allow you to focus on a high quality ssd array that will really make the difference.

My favorite case for a tower-server build is a chenbro sr10569-co. That thing is long and is a tank. It's about $90 on Newegg. Throw a 4in1 5.25 drive cage for the ssd array and your gold.

To finish answering your question, when it comes to colocated 1u servers HP servers are hands down my first choice. They usually have good drive counts and can be had at a good price. They are loud as heck but who cares in a colo environment.

Be warned, unless you are renting a quarter rack you aren't going to be happy with colo only, hence this apartment server recommendation.
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