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  1. Chuckleb

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    Mar 5, 2013
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    Everyone else has a list of things for sale, might as well start one of my own.

    All drives tested for smartctl --test=short without errors (unless noted). I've also run shred on them without it triggering any dropouts of any kind.

    All prices are via Paypal, buyer pays actual shipping. Best offers accepted, especially in bulk. PM me! I can ship internationally as well.

    • 8x MediaMax WL4000GSA6472E - 4TB WD RE equivalent drives. $90/each.
      • These are the white-label 4TBs, I found that they run really well... we have >120 at work running for the past ~2 years and haven't had any failures. This was the first batch of the WL drives so they were the true RE drives... later batches appeared to have more problems.
      • Firmware: 01.01K01
      • They work fine in an LSI 9271 array... I had an 8 drive array (6 drive RAID6 + 2 HS).
      • POH: 5x ~10,000 hrs, 1x ~8600 hrs, 1x ~7100 hrs, 1x ~2100 hrs
    • 7x WD30EZRX - 3TB Green. $75 each
      • Could be fun for software RAID or ZFS...
      • POH: 1x - 2 hrs, 3x - 17 hrs, 1x - 226 hrs, 1x - 684hrs, 1x - 18394 hrs
    • 2x WD30EZRS - 3TB Green. $75 each
      • 1 drive has 5512 POH
      • 1 drive has 2549 POH. This one has a "read error" during smart test because I bumped the SATA cable loose. Reran and tested clear. Continuing to test but should be fine. Sorry!
    • 1x WD30EFRX - 3TB NAS. $90
      • 2865 hrs POH
    • 2x ST4000VN000 - 4TB NAS. $125 each
      • 1 Drive is "recertified" (715 hrs POH)
      • Other drive is 7551 hrs POH
      • Both drives in warranty until Nov 5, 2016
    • 1X ST31000340NS - 1TB ES.2. $60
      • Has a "recertified" label
      • Has 548 hrs POH
    2015-09-05 22.17.55 (Small).jpg 2015-09-05 22.18.42 (Small).jpg 2015-09-05 22.19.19 (Small).jpg 2015-09-05 22.19.42 (Small).jpg 2015-09-05 22.20.47 (Small).jpg 2015-03-22 13.41.38 (Medium) (Small).jpg 2015-03-22 13.41.05 (Medium) (Small).jpg

    --- [SOLD] ---
    Hitachi 0F12460 - 3TB SATA: 3x - rubylaser, 4x - danic
    WL4000GSA6472E - 4TB WD RE - 2x - RyC
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  2. T_Minus

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    Feb 15, 2015
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    Wish I had the need now for those 4TB, great deal!!
  3. Danic

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    Feb 6, 2015
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    pm sent for the 3TB drives
  4. Chuckleb

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    Mar 5, 2013
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    Updated sold drives,. added a lot more drives. Will update later for an external enclosure and more drives yet.
  5. Chuckleb

    Chuckleb Moderator

    Mar 5, 2013
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    Added a Sans Digital TRX8+ 8 bay external SAS chassis, this is nice and I love using it. I went internal bays in my new chassis.
    Also updated terms, I can ship internationally as well for those that need.

    Lastly, my daughters offered to draw pictures of computing gear and include if you so desire. So you can get color-pencil or marker renditions of whatever you desire... say a server rack full of gear or 10G networking... 4 and 7 yr olds. Mohaha. Optional of course.
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  6. RyC

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    I'll take a picture if you haven't shipped it out yet :p
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