UK Cannibalizing E5 V1/2 gen Supermicro servers

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Jul 28, 2018
I've got a few servers here that have been decom'd that have no purpose left in life, all working systems up to that point. Storage, memory and CPUs have been pulled and I will list those separately in this thread shortly, but in the meantime, all are up for £50/ chassis/mobo. I cannot ship as I have no provisions to do the chassis themselves, but the rest I can when I list and will get prices and those parts up when I'm ready. I've got the CPUs from all these and a boatload of RAM and will itemize.

In the meantime, I've got the following:

Supermicro chassis/mobo

1x 815-5

2x 813M-4

4x 217-12 (more on the way)
2x X9DRT-F (99% sure this is the specific model, will confirm ASAP)

All fans, PSUs, drive trays, and cooling covers are present. Still need to wipe IPMI, else they're ready to go. Local pickup/meet in the middle-ish only for the chassis themselves. I'm in Kent for reference.
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