C6100 & 10gbe mezzanine cards face plate


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Oct 10, 2017

I'm looking at purchasing some 10gbe mezzanine (X53DF / TCK99) adapters in the four nodes of a Dell C6100. I see several postings on ebay, but the cheaper of the listings either don't have a face-plate/bracket or they look different (possibly for c6220?). I'm assuming that the correct c6100 bracket should be the one with lots of hex holes, like this one:
goo.gl/UPA1Wr . Some listings have this: goo.gl/ZFgtVD Can either fit in c6100?
My c6100 sleds look like the one in attached photo (with a removable plate that exposes the sfp+ holes).

So about the ebay listings, the nic's with faceplates that look like the existing blank cover (i.e. lots of hex holes for air flow) are double the price. Although I think I saw somewhere that said that those plates are for c6220s. First, want to confirm which is the correct item to get for C6100 or if they both can fit, I can just get the cheaper ones. Or is there a cheap source of the face plates, for the listings that don't have faceplates. I guess those are sourced from servers other than C6100s?

I wonder if I can just 3d print a face plate (although that'll involve trip to colo to measure how they mount, and metal plate probably provides grounding as well, not to mention heat etc., and plastic plate would be a no-go.

Also, are the tck99 & x53df parts the same? I'm assuming they are sfp+ and will probably be connecting them together through a lb6m (most likely) and to other intel x520* nics.



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