Broadcom Controller and LSI expander - Databolt not working (solved)


Dec 17, 2017

I use a 9460-8i RAID controller. It is connected to a Chenbro SAS Expander with LSI 3x 36 chipset
via 1 MinSAS connector available on the controller.
In Broadcom LSA the connection status says that is connected to the backplane with 4 channels.
I am using 9 SATA SSDs in a RAID 5 and the RAID this should give me about 4GB/s seq. read.

Benchmarks show a 1,9GB/s read which pretty much equals the 4 SAS channels running at 6gb/s - with Databolt I should get about a 50% uplift, so at least 3GB/s - any idea why that isn't working? According the datasheets both controller and expander should be supporting it.

Does anyone have an idea why this isn't working??

PS: I know I can connect a 2nd MiniSAS cable, its about future expansion and maxing out the PCIe x8 slot - so. 2 RAIDs a 9 SSDs via 2 MiniSAS connectors
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