Boot issue with LSI 9201-16i

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Dec 26, 2018
The Netherlands, Groningen
update from me:

short answer: no boot issue's for me with 16i and 16e cards, both tested with internal and external ports using windows 10 enterprise 64bit. mainboard is asrock x399 phantom gaming 6. cpu threadripper 1950x with vengeneance LPX low-profile memory of 32gb


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Jul 27, 2018
Thanks for replying, I think it is safe to say that the issue resides with Linux and not Windows. Unless maybe you have an updated BIOS that has since resovled the issue.
I still have the ASROCK mobo and plan to use it when I finally decide to upgrade my gaming rig. I am looking at using a 2920x for that build possibly.

Chris Conner

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Feb 14, 2019
Just moved my Unraid to my newly built ASRock X399 + Threadripper 1950x server and of course I had a LSI MegaRaid 9260 which brought me to this thread as I was hanging on boot as well. So I updated the bios to the most recent, 3.5 on the ASRock board and now everything is going well. In fact, I accidentally stumbled across a section in the ASRock bios to let me view and configure the LSI 9260 so I didn't have to use the raid card's interface. I'll update in a few days as it seems like some folks ran OK for a short while. I'm running Proxmox on it and passing through the LSI 9260 to an Unraid VM. So far so good.