Bloomberg Reports China Infiltrated the Supermicro Supply Chain We Investigate

Discussion in 'STH Main Site Posts' started by Patrick Kennedy, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Robert Fontaine

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    I tend to believe that a significant portion of the story represents some form of truth. In selecting the News it really isn't necessary to lie. Bad shit is always happening somewhere in the world. What I am really noticing is that the News cycle is ramping up on all things isolationist in America; Saudi Arabia - Khashoggi assassination; China - Supermicro hardware hack; Russia - election tampering... None of these items are actually "News". Old hat really and all invented in America first. What is outstanding to me is the selection of the "News" and how it is being pushed to the public. 90% of the US News cycle is owned by 6 tightly held companies. That isolationist fear mongering is on the front page is a decision made by a small number of individuals either because it sells or because there is a ideological reason for placing it there.

    I need another roll of tin-foil so I can make pants and a shirt.
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    Exactly what I was trying to say several pages ago! If I (a 27 year old dingus) can do the exact same thing in software only, on a BMC with arguably an order of magnitude more protections in place, why the hell would a big secret entity need to add hardware? The whole thing is nonsensical, I can't wait until we start to see what actually spawned all this
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    so true.. as how many folks go inspecting their hardware components at that level in the first place ?
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