Best solution for hosting CSV on iSCSI with HA

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Feb 4, 2014
@ gea, please be fair, been struggling with "free ha" now for over 2 years on omnios and have yet to find a solution that actually works.
i'm sure rsf-1 works as advertised, i just refuse to pay for closed source stuff.

i even see message going around the mailling lists of illumos asking if it is alright to take out the sun components for ha on a kernel level.

all i hear on those same mailling lists is take care of it on a app level.
all well but for shared storage....

that all being said and done; have been running omnios now for a couple of years and it is for the most part genius, although it will become , if the dev community isnt carefull, obsoleted by freebsd for enterprise and even small business, which does have HAST, CARP and since 10.1 even support for the vmware vstorage api's.

just my 2 cents


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Dec 31, 2010
hello Wildchild

I have followed that discussion. I also put together some efforts for free HA solutions on OI/OmniOS at Clustering/ High Availablity - OpenIndiana - OpenIndiana Wiki

But honestly as there is currently no group (ie no commercial effort behind) actively working on it, I would also use BSD or Linux with ZFS when I would currently need a already working free noncommercial solution (or use the commercially supported RSF-1 that is widely used on production ZFS storage boxes).

Doing this on OmniOS yourself is possible but would require a deeper level of knowledge and constant work on this - not from a single person or group but someone with commercial interests.