Best Non-LSI HBA option?


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Jun 21, 2019
To answer some basic questions:

What do I want to run?
  • Linux (Debian)
  • ZFS
  • Snapraid
What do I want to connect?
  • Server case with 4x SFF-8087 for 16 hotswap bays
  • 2 Internal SSDs
  • Maybe a DVD/Blueray drive or something else in the 5.25" bay of the case
What do I already have?
  • Mainboard (Supermicro X11SSH-F) with 8x SATA3
  • 2 different LSI2008 controller flashed to IT mode (H310 and M1015)
  • an Intel RES2VS240 SAS expander
Why do I want something else?
There is a bug (probably in the MPT3SAS driver in Linux) when waking up disks from standby/sleep:
Why do I want my disks to go to sleep?
  • This is my server at home
  • The spinnig disks are only used maybe 1-2h a day (main system is on the SSD(s))
  • It's in my office, so I want to reduce noise, heat and power usage as much as possible