Basic AL NVME Cooling Bracket


Build. Break. Fix. Repeat
Feb 15, 2015
I believe I posted this in my synology replacement build/thread, but thought others may have missed and could benefit from how SIMPLE and easy this is to make with hand tools and $10 aluminum (12"x12") from Amazon Prime. (Which is over priced but it comes in 1-2 days and ships free)

Perfect for cases with room on top / bottom (maybe even rear) for 120mm fans.

You'll have to excuse the bent/waves in the aluminum I ordered a couple thicknesses and this one came first, and I was eager to get them mounted, and installed. It did cut easy but it sure didn't stay straight!


For those curious it fits in the bottom of a Fractal R5 and if you wanted you could probably fit 4x 2.5" NVME in there, but I would make sure you use a fan with enough air flow if you're using enterprise NVME and not Intel 750s.

Note: Yes I realize fins are not in-line with air flow... :)