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Feb 12, 2016
Hardware in current, operational build (Home Media Server):

RAM = 4x Team Dark Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) TDBD38G1600HC9DC01

Replacement RAM = 4x Samsung 8GB 2RX4 PC3-10600R 1333MHz 240 M393B1K70CHD-CH9

Problem = Black screen (not even POST/BIOS) with the new RAM (new meaning purchased used on eBay from a well rated seller). I am currently assuming this is a PEBKAC error, either in purchasing incompatible RAM or misconfiguration.

Attempted fixes:
~Updated BIOS to latest released (v2101)
~Ensured BIOS Settings to allow ECC Memory were enabled (to what I have been able to find).
~Tried 4x DIMM (2 per channel)
~Tried 2x DIMM (1 per channel)
~Tried 2x DIMM (2 in channel A, 0 in channel B, then 0 in A and 2 in B)
~Tried 1x DIMM (1 in channel A only, then 1 in Channel B only)
~Tried manually setting RAM freq to 1333MHz (Also had already tried the default of AUTO)
~Tried setting BIOS ECC Mode in Basic, Good, Super, Max, and User (Still haven't figured out what these values represent).

~Unable to test RAM in a different mobo, my real servers cant be taken offline for this.
~Unable to truly verify failure of POST, or get possible POST error codes, as I have been unable to find a case speaker in my piles of crap.

All result in the same thing - no POST! Not even an error message or blinking cursor....

I cannot find anywhere that says that this specific memory is or is not compatible, but there are several folks out there showing results using this mobo with other ECC Registered RAM... looking to see if maybe one of those folks can chime in on what I am doing wrong, or if someone can confirm that this RAM is indeed not compatible.

I have found an alternative RAM that is on the compatibility list, but price is about double. Just want to see if this should be returned (have 2 weeks to ship it back) or if it can be made to work.

Screenshots of BIOS settings I can make can be found here. This is getting frustrating having to switch back and forth from good RAM to test RAM just to get to BIOS...

My current step is to find a freaking speaker to try and get some POST beeps.


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Jan 26, 2014
I will admit that I probably haven't spent much time researching it, but all I could find was people claiming success with unbuffered ECC RAM, not registered.
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