ASRock EPC621D8A


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Oct 4, 2020
Hey STH Crew,

Building out a workstation for a nested vSphere 7 LAB (for a certification prep). I purchased a Supermicro X11SPL-F Motherboard earlier, but I am NOT able to set the Noctua AF-15 Fan thresholds unless I run everything at "fan control full" and the overall board in a Fractal Design Define R5 is relatively "loud" (but something, I can eventually live with), but I was hoping if anyone here has used EPC621D8A with Noctua fans? The config I am putting together is:
EPC621D8A or X11SPL-F with Xeon 8260L.
512GB of RAM
960GB M.2
2x 3.84TB SSD