Article comparing manufacturers IPMI's ?


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Jul 30, 2014
Personally I'd be very interested in a comparison between the major manufacturer IPMI implementations. Some have custom solutions, some are using American Megatrends stuff but customised.

With the recent IPMI security issues I'd like to see an article which not just focuses on the feature differences but also the security and which manufacturers have closed the disclosed vulnerabilities and who haven't.

I think that'd make for an interesting article especially if you get to speak to some manufacturers about their responses to the vulnerabilities.


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Dec 21, 2010
Pri - that is a great idea. Might be a bit hard to schedule though. The majority of vendors outside of HP and Dell are using either the Avocent solution or the MegaRAC solution.

I am travelling (a lot) over the next month or so. Next week is San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Dallas and Seattle. The following I think is SF, Dallas, Seattle, and then SF, Seattle, Dallas and Portland (Maine) then directly back to Seattle for the start of another cycle.

Most of my efforts over the next few days are going to be focused on a major new product line being launched in September.

BTW - I do like your avatar pic!