AOC-S3008L-L8E - enclosure issue?

Gilbert Gong

New Member
Jan 25, 2018
Recently I decided to install my threadripper project machine into a case with a SAS backplane to add a bunch of drives to it, and ended up purchasing from eBay:

The machine is running debian, I haven't flashed the backplane or the card, but it seems to be in a weird state right now.
I currently have it cabled with 1 breakout cable to a sata drive, and this drive is visible and usable
It's also cabled to the enclosure backplane, which has 3 drives in it, none of which are visible. But the enclosure itself is visible, and sg_ses _seems_ to suggests drives are visible.

driver installed, controller detected
root@docker-host-01:/home/ggong# dmesg | grep LSISAS
[    1.259019] mpt3sas_cm0: LSISAS3008: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x02), BiosVersion(

sda (on breakout cable) detected:
root@docker-host-01:/home/ggong# dmesg | grep -i sda
[    5.001898] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] 15628053168 512-byte logical blocks: (8.00 TB/7.28 TiB)
[    5.001900] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] 4096-byte physical blocks
[    5.060750] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] Write Protect is off
[    5.060751] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] Mode Sense: 9b 00 10 08
[    5.066394] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: disabled, read cache: enabled, supports DPO and FUA
[    5.215684] sd 8:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk
enclosure detected:
root@docker-host-01:/home/ggong# dmesg | grep "8:0:1"
[    4.963558] scsi 8:0:1:0: Enclosure         LSILOGIC SASX36 A.1       7017 PQ: 0 ANSI: 3
[    4.963560] scsi 8:0:1:0: set ignore_delay_remove for handle(0x000b)
[    4.963561] scsi 8:0:1:0: SES: handle(0x000b), sas_addr(0x5003048000c607fd), phy(36), device_name(0x00000000332e3020)
[    4.963562] scsi 8:0:1:0: enclosure logical id (0x5003048000c607ff), slot(0)
[    4.963562] scsi 8:0:1:0: enclosure level(0x0000), connector name(     )
[    5.037422] ses 8:0:1:0: Attached Enclosure device
[    6.732629] ses 8:0:1:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 13
root@docker-host-01:/home/ggong# lsscsi -g | grep 8
[8:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      ST8000DM004-2CX1 0001  /dev/sda   /dev/sg0
[8:0:1:0]    enclosu LSILOGIC SASX36 A.1       7017  -          /dev/sg1
sg_ses seems to see something on bays with inserted drives:
003 [0,3]  Element type: Array device slot
  Enclosure Status:
    Predicted failure=0, Disabled=0, Swap=0, status: OK
    OK=0, Reserved device=0, Hot spare=0, Cons check=0
    In crit array=0, In failed array=0, Rebuild/remap=0, R/R abort=0
    App client bypass A=0, Do not remove=0, Enc bypass A=0, Enc bypass B=0
    Ready to insert=0, RMV=0, Ident=0, Report=0
    App client bypass B=0, Fault sensed=0, Fault reqstd=0, Device off=0
    Bypassed A=0, Bypassed B=0, Dev bypassed A=0, Dev bypassed B=0
  Additional Element Status:
    Transport protocol: SAS
    number of phys: 1, not all phys: 1, device slot number: 3
    phy index: 0
      SAS device type: no SAS device attached
      initiator port for:
      target port for: SATA_device
      attached SAS address: 0x5003048000c607ff
      SAS address: 0x5003048000c607c7
      phy identifier: 0x7
but the OS doesn't see the drives, aside from sda on the breakout cable (and some unrelated nvme drives)
root@docker-host-01:/home/ggong# lsscsi
[8:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      ST8000DM004-2CX1 0001  /dev/sda
[8:0:1:0]    enclosu LSILOGIC SASX36 A.1       7017  -
[N:0:1:1]    disk    SPCC M.2 PCIe SSD__1                       /dev/nvme0n1
[N:1:1:1]    disk    SPCC M.2 PCIe SSD__1                       /dev/nvme1n1
[N:2:1:1]    disk    SPCC M.2 PCIe SSD__1                       /dev/nvme2n1
It's almost like the disks are getting a small amount of power but not enough to properly spin up, or something is wrong with the enclosure? Or am I missing something?