Anyone in Bay Area run a rack willing to colocate 1U


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Feb 16, 2015
I'm wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has a full rack at home with ATT Fiber, unlimited bandwidth that would colocate a 1U server of mine for off-site storage. That would be a neat idea. I'm not looking for datacenter service and reliability since this is just a hobby. I am thinking about building a 1U ESXI Storage server that would use no more than 120W. 1U servers are a little loud though.


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Oct 22, 2014
Los Angeles
This is something that's generally best done with a friend, perhaps with a reciprocal arrangement where you host something as well. While the idea is really neat and fits the spirit of the community here, there is a lot of risk that for many would be hard to get past. Who is responsible for the loss of your servers in case of fire/flood/burglary? How does the person providing the space ensure they are not legally responsible for anything illegal you might do that would trace back to their IP? These are the sort of things that are no problem with a friend, but it might be too much to ask of a stranger/forum acquaintance. That being said I hope you can figure out something mutually beneficial with someone, just pointing out some barriers.

Thanks for your contribution...


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Aug 14, 2018
FWIW, I dropped a pi with a usb disk at my parents house as a low power offsite back up location. Pi runs softether vpn client back to my house, and runs minio to recieve duplicati backups from my house....Not sure if are thinking similar concept.