Anyone here have/had a Transcend Storejet Cloud?

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Sep 14, 2023
I was browsing in a store a year ago and they had one of these (except it's the 2 drive model 210) on clearance for $200. I have two cheap WD single drive NAS drives and did not plan on buying another "cheap" solution as I eventually want a proper NAS (Synology, Qnap etc) but it was less than the cost of the 2 4TB Western Digital Blue drives in it so I bought it, since it offered 8TB of RAID0 or 4TB of RAID1 storage and would be a nice backup for my video files that no longer fit on my WD network drives.

I didn't use it much because my plan was to put two 8TB drives in it so I picked up a couple of Seagate Ironwolf drives - which were not on Transcend's recommended drives list but the fellow where I bought them said these replaces the older model that was recommended. So a couple of days ago I pulled the drives out (very easy) and popped in the 8TB drives, fired it back up & set up as RAID1

Well, it seems Transcend isn't taking this product very seriously, out of the box after initial setup the samba permissions only allowed single file copy, could not create folders in the shares etc and support is slow an unhelpful. I thought maybe it just couldn't handle the drives because they were way noisier & actually made dull thumping sounds as well as not being able to create folders etc. so I put the original drives back in, which are a lot quieter but after configuring for RAID0 with their web interface, had the same permissions issue.

So, I ended up getting in at the OS level using ssh and brushing up on my limited and very rusty linux skills (and a lot of help from chatGPT) , was able to set proper permissions on the folders/shares, and users to the www-data group that access them, and start the file copy I set up with Syncbackpro.

Anyway, I'd still like to put larger drives in it, but the recommended ones (listed in manual here) are either impossible to find or are way too expensive. I have no idea how the debian linux embedded in it works or what it's on, or if I can even find out, their tech support is all but useless so far & seem to have less knowledge about it than I have.

So this is kind of a rant, but also wondering if others here have one of these, their experiences with it, and if there's a way I can find out more about the hardware and linux on it to see why certain drives might or might not work on it. There might be linux utilities I can run natively on it to help out, but I have no idea if there is or what they are.

It's more or less a sandbox for now, if I can't use the Ironwolf 8TB drives in it I'll put them in my 10 year old Dell with a couple of more and maybe configure it as a NAS drive. One of the only differences I could see in the recommended Ironwolf drive and the ones I have was the recommended was 5400rpm and the ones I bought are 7200