Anyone have a collection of Intel SR26xxx Chassis / S5520UR Motherboard Legacy Firmware etc. ?


May 15, 2019
I am wondering if anyone has a collection of the last BIOS, Firmware etc. for Intel S5520UR Motherboards (Dual CPU LGA1366) and/or Intel SR2612URR 2U 12bay chassis ?
I have a couple systems that I would like to apply the last available firmware etc to see if I can get a handle on the fans specifically.

I already have a small collection of files that I have found:
BIOS (only) 61, 66, 68, 69
BIOS 61, 63 + BMC 61 + FRUSDR 26 + ME

As BIOS (only) 69 is FINAL, I am OK.
If anyone has a later BMC & FRUSDR and accompanying ME update later than what I listed above, I would greatly appreciate it.
I am not so worried about the ME update, more so the BMC and FRUSDR (unless updated management engine is a prerequisite, in which case, I am interested in all).

While I understand this is quite outdated hardware, I am hoping that someone has a collection of bits, as Intel has removed 99% of the support from their site.

thanks in advance,

ps. If anyone can give me a few pointers on the editing of the SDR file, in order to get the fans under control, I would appreciate that as well.
I found another thread on the site and although the hex values pertain, the 'Global' section example listed in that thread doesn't exist in the SDR file that I currently have. The S5520UR board in the chassis doesn't seem to have the chassis model# in 'System Info' so I am not even sure if the file that I have can be applied correctly, or which parts to edit, even though my chassis# IS in the SDR file that I am about to begin editing. I just don't want to edit EVERY model listed blindly, hoping 1 will 'take' during an update (it's a rather generic, lengthy and wide model ranging SDR file).