Anyone doing any CPU mining still?


May 12, 2013
Is Raptoreum profitable enough to justify investment?
For the record, I am not doing CPU mining now.

The answer to your question is "depend".
All miner dream about a coin going from penny to few hundred dollar per coin.

Remind me, back in 2016, one evening, I setup few i5-3450 and E5-2650 machines.
I started solo mining XMR , within 28 hours, I hit 1 block ( 8.78 XMR payout ).
Back then XMR price was less than 50 cents.

I am still holding all the XMR that I mine since 2016.

XMR all time high price was almost $500.
Today's XMR price is $244 per coin


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Dec 26, 2018
The Netherlands, Groningen
If I am interest in xmr mining again,

Any CPU you would recommend?
for monero and cpu is L1, L2 and L3 cache sizes important.

if you have a cpu with 32 cores or threads, but e.g. L3 cache of 32 MB, then you can mine with 16 cores or threads.
but if your L3 cache is 64MB, then you can mine with full 32 cores of threads.

mostly zen2 cpu are very suitable for monero mining because of cache size's and cpu cores relations.

but....i wouldn't recommend to buy hardware for monero mining, because hardware price is very high and ROI is very long.