Any interest in forecast planning type content?


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Dec 21, 2010
I have this rough outline for a piece around thinking through server purchases in 2020-2021 or 2022 given what we know of Intel and AMD roadmaps.

Just talking about the expected timing of technologies and platforms and how they impact a planning strategy.

The issues are that I cannot go into full roadmap details. At the same time, with the PCIe Gen4, DDR5, and PCIe Gen5/CXL transitions alongside a global recession I think there are some questions I can offer for folks to think through.

It will not be a buy XYZ brand over another piece. More of just thinking through when we are going to see refreshes in the context of the macroeconomic climate so you can make a better plan today.

This is not a hands-on review or major product announcement. I think it is very topical to what we cover and our readers.

Would this type of content be valuable?


Jan 26, 2011
IM(NS)HO, some of the best pieces STH has ever written are those where you explain your thought process in decisions about the site itself. All the way back to the ones you wrote doing cost-compare of hosted (AWS) vs self-hosted options, the trade-offs involved, and how adding in used equipment changed the dynamic of the decisions.

So - based on history - i think the article you propose would be fascinating. At least to me.


Nov 7, 2018
San Francisco
Yeah, honestly I think these projection articles are the best content.
It's one thing to regurgitate benchmark numbers, but it's another to actually editorialize a little bit and draw some projections and conclusions.

Especially given your industry experience -- I find this sort of content difficult to find anywhere else. (maybe thenextweb comes close, but even then I find a lot of their strokes a bit too broad).
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May 15, 2020
I think this would be great, especially with Computex pushed back, and the normal coverage not out there. I might also add in what you are hearing on supply for some of these items. With the Tariffs still in place, as well as production cut post Chinese new years, this year was off to such a slow start, supply chains were disrupted for the year. I am curious what you are hearing on the recovery and in addition to what is new.
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Mar 2, 2019
Micron reported higher than expected demand this quarter. This alone could be massive indicator to change of memory/flash storage consumption - I'd love to hear more about this trend...