AMD Next Horizon Event Live Coverage

Discussion in 'STH Main Site Posts' started by Patrick Kennedy, Nov 6, 2018.

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    64 cores and PCOe Gen 4 confirmed
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    This is interesing, but it opens more questions. So far, AMD had been using the 8C Zen die for both consumer Ryzen, ThreadRipper and EPYC (Albeit there were two revisions, D0 for AM4 Ryzen and D1 for EPYC, so maybe they are not the exact same silicon. Don't recall what TR had). They also had Raven Ridge as APU halfway between Zen and Zen+, and Zen+ dies, which are used only for Ryzen and TR (EPYC seems to be skipping it). If they want to do that monster, it means that Rome will be using completely specialized chiplets, and that consumer Zen 2 will be a different die alltogether.
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