all gone!


Oct 16, 2013
Poweredges are all sold. I'll make a new thread for the switch.

I am located in DFW, Texas.

I have 4 Dell PowerEdge R220's for sale.

All servers have 32gb RAM, and an iDrac add-on card. All servers boot up and operate correctly with no issues. Unless noted, the chassis is in good shape.

Servers: From the top of the stack:
  1. $300, E3-1270v3, 1tb Crucial MX500 SSD, no extra nic
  2. $275, E3-1271v3, HPE 530SFP+ dual port 10gb nic, no storage
  3. SOLD, $325, E3-1271v3, HPE 530SFP+ dual port 10gb nic, no storage
  4. $275, E3-1271v3, HPE 557SFP+ dual port 10gb nic, no storage; the chassis is harder to close but not bad.
Rails: I have 2 useable railsets - A4 outer and A6 (shorties) inners. I also have 2 pairs of A4 inners that I hacked up to be shorter.
$30 per complete railset, hacked up rails are free with server if you want them. :)

Switch: $175, I also have a Brocade ICX6610-48P with redundant PSUs and fans. Works fine.

Shipping: $50/server or the Brocade, less combined. $15 for railsets/hacked up inners, or free w/server. If we meet up in DFW, then there is no shipping cost.

Open to offers, etc.
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