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Jan 11, 2013
Not paid to shill for them, nor have they ever contacted me. I used to use a program called Ad Muncher that used to kill off ads that things like Adblock Plus couldn't touch (it just flat out was more effective at doing its job). The developer has since made the product free, but that may have to do with not really developing it anymore.

It seems a bunch of Russians make this thing called ADGUARD that works about as well, is browser agnostic, and even filters HTTPS. The bad part is that they want $49.95 for a lifetime single machine license, which is a bit steep. You can do a lot better than that with a Russian VPN and pay in Roubles with paypal or your credit card of choice.

My screenshot is for 6 copies of the one that gives you the regular client + mobile android client. For a single regular lifetime seat (plan on the right), it's like $7.50, which is a whole heck of a lot less than $50. Just thought I'd share a money saving tip. The option for roubles is region locked, hence the need to use a VPN. I recommend VPNGate if you want something free--it's what I used.