9900k vs 7820X vs 1920X

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    Hey all,

    Currently I have a 2700X running my unraid box which is primarily a Plex server but i am looking to expand (Going to add a minecraft server and then a DC, very small Exchange server and a CentOS box so i can start learning linux, we use RHEL at work).

    I am going to replace my 3x 2.5 sata ssds with 3x m.2 nvme drives which i cannot do on X470 Also I plan to add a Quadro P2000 for Plex encoding so that along with my SAS HBA, and the R5 220 i use since the 2700X has no gpu, I am out of PCIE slots.

    I was thinking the 9900k (once its in stock and a reasonable price). It has the built in GPU so i could drop my R5 220 and free up a pcie slot. I can run my 3x m.2's (I realize DMI 3.0 could be a bottleneck but im thinking in actuality it wont be)

    7820X and 1920X i would also consider but this box runs 24/7 and its in my bedroom (where my fiber line comes into my apartment) so running efficient and quiet is important so id lean towards the 9900k

    Trying to keep the cpu cost around the $500 mark


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