42U Server rack recomendations


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Mar 11, 2021
I am newer to the enterprise space and currently have 3 4U computers (NAS, and 2 Game servers running) and plan to get a lot of enterprise networking as well as battery backups for my new house. I also plan on buying a machine learning server though I imagine when I buy it will probably be a dell R740 or something similar. I understand basic compatibilities like 19-inch EIA and what U's are, I just want to make sure this server rack will do pretty much anything I could ever want to do as a computer scientist and IT guy as well as having little to no issues with enterprise gear, audio, and Ubiquiti equipment.

I was looking at these two but if there are better racks that are fully enclosed id be perfectly willing to buy that, I want to stay below $1000 as well and don't mind buying used.
Ebay Generic
Rackmount solutions rack

I also prefer to stay away from branded racks (so I can add my own branding) but that's not a requirement either.


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Feb 28, 2021
From what i've seen over the years, just about any 42-45U 4 post rack with square holes instead of threaded will work fine. You can have panels and doors or open rack. something to consider, If this is for home lab/tinkering i would recommend an open rack and if you have both the room for and a clean space i would do 2 half racks that are open post. also look locally on craigslist or facebook marketplace i see 42u rack all the time for under 300 sometimes as low as 100.

i have this rack rack and got these castors/furniture dolly to move it around.
The wheels are good the metal is thick and it allows me to move stuff easily.
The other thing you can do to cut some clutter is have a small 6-12u wall mounted network rack and put all your network gear in and drop 1 line to your server rack. EG. Place your Modem, FW/Router, Patch Panels and switches in that and then depending on the uplink from your racks to the rest of the network, drop CAT6, a DAC or Fiber from that box to your rack. If you are full blown enterprise/corporate then thing can change a bit.


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Mar 18, 2016
I thought I would need a 42u in my homelab too :D
You know for the 8+ esxi/kvm/hyper v hosts... Now I'm happy with a soundproofed, 24u rack where 8u are empty/not used :)
so I can add my own branding
What do you mean with this?


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Apr 6, 2015
I have an HP 42U rack and it is built like a tank. Would highly recommend.


Oct 15, 2020
APC racks are most common, you can often find them used in any major city starting at the price of free assuming you pick-up/haul it away to $100 - $500.


May 11, 2020
Hope your new house's floor is strong enough to actually handle a fully loaded rack at that given space! And you have some solution to humidity/temperature control. This is something I'd be looking for in the not-so-far future. Currently I have no idea, but my plan is about the same. There will be a small dedicated office/micro-dc building that needs a lot of careful planning.
I currently use a tiny 25U startech rack, about half is actually loaded(half is empty space in the rear), estimate 1U as 25-30kg if it's an individual server. Plus the rack itself is about 30kg for 25U, for 42 it'll be significantly heavier, like twice that?