$210 BROCADE ICX6610-48P-E


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Mar 17, 2016
Oslo, Norway
Congrats with hard work by all of you to get such a nice setup with this switch.
2 Qs:
- (Silly question perhaps) Do you know if this switch can just do switching within the 4 40Gb ports?
- Do these ports support RoCE for RDMA tranfers? Without it, it's hard to achieve anything above 20Gb/s using a single thread (read TCP/IP). I'm doing some simple studies these days, and i see that only RoCE is able to deliver anything close to 40Gb/s on a single thread. Also, by utilizing multiple threads with TCP/IP, performance of each thread streams gets significantly lower.

Just following back up on this. Big thanks to @fohdeesha for posting the docs and creating the tutorial, and for the help in PM's. Now running a fully functioning 4x 40gb + 8x 10gb + 48x 1gbe switch, for $210.

This sucker is amazing. Well documented, fast as hell. Pulled a sustained 18.6 gb/s from my virtualized freenas to 4x clients on 10gbe, and the raid array was definitely the bottleneck, not the switch. Seems like it will take any optics like a champ, haven't found anything that wouldn't work. Even tired a few DAC cables I had, no issues at all. Best of all? It's noticably quieter than my lb4m, and only uses 9 more watts according to my UPS (no PoE load).


May 10, 2016
Hi all,

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just found this thread while searching for a cheap 40Gb switch. This looks like a great option, but I need one that has the 10Gb upgrade for the SFP(+) ports. Obviously there's a huge difference in the ebay prices for the ones that have the official ICX6610-10G-LIC-POD option.

Can anyone send me some info on this subject? Any ways to upgrade the $300 ebay switches? PM's are most welcome. Very much thanks in advance!

Kudos to @fohdeesha for his website with setup info!