2019 LTSC IOT HP vs Dell Windows update

ru me

Jun 2, 2018
I have a Dell Wyse 5070 and a Hp T740 with an IOT license. I understand that for their intended purpose in a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) with enabled write filter, limited updates are a desired feature. However, despite the name, the IOT licenses are a complete desktop environment and I would like to use it as such. I noticed that Dell provides access to Windows update. Hp on the other hand blocks this access. Any pointers on how to enable it? Any gotchas compared to using Win10 Pro?


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May 13, 2019
LTSB/LTSB Windows comes with all the junk "modern apps" and "windows store" removed and a bit less telemetry. It is less resource hungry.

Support for these versions is extended up to 10 years, WU won't autoinstall a new version of Win10 whenever it pleases.

Besides that they're identical.