12TB Elements on Amazon @ $175


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Jan 5, 2019
Not sure what you are holding out for, I noticed yesterday they are $169.99 ($16.99/TB) from BB online and their eBay store (WD - easystore 10TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black | eBay). I meant to post this yesterday as there was a 5% Bucks until last night.
If I wanted to pay $169 for 10TB I would have bought the 12TB for $175 instead. I bought those same 10TB drives in 2018 from BB for $159 . Even if it's just $10 more, it doesn't seem quite right to be paying more now. Storage prices are supposed go to down, not up. Also, I'm waiting for some of my older lower capacity drives to sell.


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Aug 19, 2015
If the drive internals are actually the same, maybe they could have user-installable rear interface boards for SATA and SAS. Should work fine as long as they screw in and don't just loosely plug in like the old SCA 80pin to UW SCSI 68/50 pin adapters. It might cost more to manufacture as a separate component, though. Probably only home users care about this.
I've been wondering about this myself recently - that is, if I could convert some SAS drives to SATA by just swapping the logic board. I haven't seen anyone post about doing such a modification however people do replace the PCBs, usually when trying to recover data. From what I've read, when swapping logic boards from one drive to another identical model you must swap the corresponding flash chip as they contain drive-specific calibration data. I think it would be unlikely that a flash chip from a SAS disk would work on a SATA one or vice versa, even if they used the same IC. It probably contains firmware as well as the calibration data.
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